Writers find inspiration in numerous places. We will be introducing a Writer’s Workshop in the near future.  The late David Foster Wallace was a professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as well as Claremont McKenna College.  His posthumous novel, The Pale King, was a finalist for the Nobel Prize in Literature.  Here is his stance on education

There is a paradox in the US that people who get powerful jobs tend to go to really good schools, and often in schools you study the liberal arts which are philosophy and classical stuff  and languages and it’s all very much about the nobility of the human spirit and broadening the mind…and from that you go to a specialized school to learn how to sue people or to figure out how to write copy to make people buy a certain kind of SUV.

I know there is, at least in America, an entire class of, and now I’m talking about a very specific class of upper and upper-middle class, whose parents could afford to send them to very good schools where they got very good educations who are often working jobs that are financially rewarding but don’t have anything to do with how they got taught, pervasively taught, what was important and worthwhile.

I doubt there is someone who only went to high school and is working in a factory…I doubt he wakes up and goes, “Well, by gosh, at least I don’t have all this humanistic learning I’m not using.” I don’t imagine he is any more satisfied or nourished inside by his learning.  What you and I belong to is a class, a generation, that can be very articulate about what our complaints are and what we are feeling uneasy about and I think if there is something that characterizes our generation is not that we have come up with new problems or brilliant new solutions to them but that we are endlessly verbal about it. Which is probably a start at least, being willing to talk about it.

I am grateful some people are limited to 140 characters per each endless verbalization on Twitter.  Find your voice. Stay tuned for details on a new and fantastic writers workshop at PVP Test Prep.

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