Why You Should Choose PVP Test Prep

At PVP Test Prep we strive in providing test preparation options for all clients from a freshman in high school to seniors. We understand the importance test preparation and have developed different programs to meet the needs of different types of learners. PVP Test Prep has a test prep option for all students.

We offer private test preparation which is a beneficial service to those who prefer a more one-on-one approach and a more customized instruction to suit your individual goals. In this type of program, there will be assignments. These assignments will cover topics and concepts that will help the student in areas they need additional help. Instructors will review these assignments to make sure students are progressing and to assess weak areas. With private test prep, one cannot go wrong as it will work around your schedule

Semi-Private tutoring is also offered and is a great choice for those who enjoy small class size learning. These classes contain about six students max and therefore can focus on the students’ learning levels.

PVP Test Prep also offers a lower cost option for those looking for an affordable but still effective tutoring option. This option would be the targeted flex workshop. A workshop such as this gives an overall coverage of the ACT exam, and each session covers a subject. This is a great option for those who may not have as much time for a full-time tutor course load.

The most flexible tutoring option of all is online test prep! With online tutoring, you can receive lessons from the comfort of your own home or anywhere that you have an internet connection. You will be able to work in a virtual classroom and thus still receive the tutoring, collaboration, and feedback.

As noted, PVP Test Prep has so many options to suit different types of students!

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