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With the old 2400 format and the ACT, we found that 40% of students showed an advantage between the ACT and SAT ranging from a slight to a significant advantage over one test or the other. Even for those students planning on the community college route some colleges, for example C. of New Jersey “look for students with strong standardized test scores” in their transfer student applications. The University of Kansas offers Automatic Admissions for students who achieve a 3.25 GPA or 21 on the ACT or 1090 on the SAT. Even with this policy, they prescribe to the notion that “statistics show that students [below these benchmarks] have about an 8% chance of graduating.” NYU Abu Dhabi features a 4% admittance rate and a median test score of 33 which is 99th percentile. Even Bates C. who has a standardized test as optional reports that 51% of students who apply do in fact submit either the SAT or the ACT.

Success, thy name is Palos Verdes Peninsula Test Prep and Tutoring. We can help you determine which test to take. Some colleges and universities require full academic disclosure which means every collegeboard test and every test must be submitted. This does not mean practice tests! Our full length actual conditions tests and consultation will help you determine which test is better suited for your academic profile. No longer do you need to take tests on the roll of the dice. Our consultation address a student’s needs and gears them towards the best test. We recommend real full length tests to compare strengths to minimize stress and time spent in preparation. Our powerful diagnostic tests reveal a host of insight into how to achieve your target score. Stay tuned for upcoming specials on the Which Test is Best steal of a deal.

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