Every year we track admission scores, acceptance rates, and testing requirements of many schools. The data is used to provide a ball park figure. In our nearly decade of existence PVP Test Prep and Tutoring has tracked these scores and noticed a year-to-year trend of higher and higher scores. Some big name schools are becoming the 99 percentile in testing:

Notre Dame 33-36 ACT; 1500-1600 SAT

Wesleyan 34 ACT; English/Writing 740; Math 770

U. of Georgia 29-33 ACT; SAT 1320-1490; Avg. GPA 4.08

Amherst 33ACT; SAT 1492

The list grows of top schools efforts to recruit top ranked students. Parents may not remember “prepping” for these tests but it is ever more crucial to the life roads and which path you will take. Your student should be given the best opportunity to better themselves. Come see how almost a decade of industry experience can help shape and mold a student to the pinnacle of their ability.

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