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A previous blog spoke of the transfer gap between community college students who desire to transfer and to graduate with a four year degree. The most recent report by the ACT, The Condition of College & Career Readiness highlights the aspirational gap between high school students who are aspire for postsecondary education and those who do enroll. The figure is 325,061 students who fall into the aspirational gap. In other words, 87% of students who took the ACT want a graduate degree but only 69% actually pursue it.

College admissions tests exist not just to get students into college. They are there to get them through college and on a pathway to life. The ACT examines not just English, Math, Reading, and Science- the core academic skills. It also approaches life skills of 1) crosscutting capabilities 2) behavioral skills 3) education and career navigation skills, in addition to 4) core academic skills. The holistic approach of: interpersonal skills; self-regulation; informed, personally relevant decisions; and achievable plans help to enable students to grow and mature. This growth is not limited to juniors. Starting in 8th grade, college and career assessments are here.

Now, 8th graders can come: to build confidence; to discover talents; to identify educational gaps; and target test techniques. Test early and test often. We want to welcome you into our center to help your student and our communities grow along educational dreams. A student success is the key to our future. Next week, I will introduce to you a new and powerful diagnostic tool to further assist student’s who dream to achieve.

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