In the time it took this years graduating class to go from freshperson to senior, UCLA’s application figures rose in excess of 25%. Some can attribute this to the common app as UC berkley tops 89,000 this year. Some may think it due to a social-economic trend away from trade schools and lifelong employment commitments of a generation or two ago. More people are attending universities. More jobs require both educational and work experience. Another school has smashed its own record. Cornell decreased its early admission rate down to 24.3 percent while at the same time growing their early decision pool 83 percent in the last decade.

SAT or ACT might not be held under stadium or neon lights but it is more important in many ways. There is a game. In fact, 200 schools allow superscoring or the combining of sections across multiple test sittings to configure the best over all-one-score composition. The pay off in the end zone is huge.

600,000 high paying tech jobs went unfilled in 2015 a figure computed by C.M Rubins “Global Search for education” despite this tremendous need, only a quarter of k-12 fulfill the near for computer science instruction. Both PV High and Peninsula HS offer computer science and cyber patriots. Both Palos Verdes High schools have above average test scores. But if you want to be above the best, contact PVP Test Preparation and tutoring to make you stand out in six figure application pools and to employers yearning for an excellent employee. Your future may be formed by the back light of a monitor. Your year and your life can be coached so that you alone determine your future. Come see how.

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