ACT & SAT Semi-Private Class Schedules

Students will meet for eight 4-hour sessions in addition to two additional full length diagnostic tests in actual testing conditions. Precursory diagnostic examination is required. This class is best suited for students scoring around the national ACT Average of 22 to 27 (90th percentile). See the full course schedule below for dates and times. The Course will begin with a complete, actual-conditions diagnostic exam schedule prior to enrollment. This diagnostic exam produces a detailed report that serves as a starting point for the instruction of the classroom. This report identifies the areas for subject matter review and homework. Our expert certified instructors then extrapolate lesson plans to encourage subject mastery, using our proven strategies. Independent practice/homework consists of approximately 2 hours per session, specifically designed to address trouble spots. Classes are limited to six students. Actual times and dates are subject to change. Call 310-544-6000 for availability.



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