The word engineering comes from the Latin root ingenuity. Venus, the long held “sister” of the Earth, implores us to tend to our home with studious tenacity. We must avoid the fate of Venus and its surface temperature hot enough to melt lead. We must persevere and protect the only known habitable home to our and all species here. And to do this, we need critical thinking.

Baseball deploys a term that the next generation should learn—utility player. Essentially, this is a player capable of proficiently covering multiple positions in the game. Perhaps more science majors need to be utilized in other fields such as political science, manufacturing, or other non-traditional roles. No political group, entity, or ideology, with a lacking of hard-science backgrounds, will reach Proxima B without this. There is a dire shortage of science literate individuals in both the Senate and Congress. Maybe more synergy between experts is needed.

SAT II tests enable a student to showcase skill sets in a specific subject area. The ACT or SAT does not ask what the deciding factor was in the decline of the Roman Empire. This is something that would be found on the World History subject test. The SAT and ACT will test thoroughly on reading, writing, and arithmetic. The caveat is that expertise or even quick speed reading proficiency takes time to master. Even the CPA exam is moving to more essay and short answer style questions to ensure bean counters are not strictly thought of as limited to being number people. There are numerous SAT II subject tests that are worth the effort. Chemistry, Calculus, Biology, and Environmental Science can all be explored and overcome, often in a surprisingly quick fashion.

One advantage of professional preparation for college admissions tests is it saves time and frustration that often comes with self-study and helps students avoid potential pit falls and red herrings the test makers deploy. It also reduces anxiety. Perhaps a bigger motivation for preparing for these tests is it will help not just in high school classrooms, but college level courses and beyond. Standardized tests are even becoming required for employment opportunities. Test early and test often. Test right with PVP Test Prep and Tutoring.

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