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This move by the federal government greatly reduces the stress of applying to schools. The Feds have opened up the application from January 1s to October 1st.  This allows better insight into how much each student and their family will need to contribute towards the college.  It is advised to file ASAP.

Along with FAFSA students must also consider state financial aid deadlines.  This effort moves students into accordance between schools, state and federal deadlines.  Some scholarship and financial aid have different deadlines thus the importance of filing FAFSA the quicker the better.  2015 tax data will be used to further streamline the process.  Please see the IRS  to look for their data retrieval tool.  For more information as to about the FAFSA deadline check Here.  If you are interested in exploring program choices, college major selection, application essay tips, school selection, or one last boost of September or October tests schools call us today.

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