-English 75 questions 45 minutes
-Math 60 questions 60 minutes
-Reading 40 questions 35 minutes
-Science 40 questions 35 minutes
-“Optional” Writing Section 40 minutes
The topics covered in each of these sections correspond closely to the typical high school curriculum, but the questions are generally MUCH trickier. Despite this, the ACT is still considered to be more straight-forward than the SAT. All of the questions are multiple-choice with four or five answer choices each.
PVP focuses on:
A) Test familiarization – There is a limited scope of material covered on the ACT. Being intimately familiar with what to expect goes a long way and helps your student master the test.
B) Focus on eliminating wrong answer choices – A key strategy in selecting the correct answer is knowing how to eliminate answers that are clearly incorrect. Making educated guesses is also imperative if you are unsure of the correct answer.
C) Time management – The ACT has four sections of varying lengths; learning how to manage your time will lead you to success.
D) Perform these four steps: 1) Find out what question you got incorrect. 2) Take the time to figure out why you missed it — was it a computational mistake, or lack of subject matter knowledge? 3) Understand how to correct the mistake so you don’t make it in the future. 4) Practice the correct way to answer that type of question.

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