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During the junior and senior year of high school, students will have to take the SAT and ACT tests. The scores of these tests will determine what classes you can take for dual enrollment during high school as well as determine what colleges you qualify for. You are also able to qualify for scholarships based on these tests scores. Students want to do well but in many cases, the scores are not what they were hoping to make. This is why SAT and ACT prep is so important.

Prep Classes

Many high schools have started to offer ACT and SAT prep classes. This can be a half semester or full semester class. The teacher of the class will go over the aspects of the tests, covering the subjects included such as English and mathematics. These classes are taken by students who want to be able to increase their score or learn what to expect when taking the SAT and ACT test.

After School Prep

If your child has taken the tests and wants to try for a better score, you can also consider after school prep. Licensed teachers offer prep classes that take one day or several meetings to prepare your child to take the test. Such preparations include practice tests, test taking skills and covering the subjects of each test. Your child can learn every aspect of the test to be able to make a higher score.

Professional Help

Professional test prep companies such as PVP Test Prep of Palos Verdes will be able to assist with proper preparation for the SAT and ACT testing. Every portion of the test is covered over time so your child will be prepared and be able to easily handle the aspects of the test. This is an option to consider when your child needs to increase their score to get into the college or university of their choice.

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