Partner Up With PVP for Better Results and Higher Scores!

With your unique strengths and weaknesses in different core areas, why should you go for a one size fits all approach when you could be getting an assessment tutoring plan that will serve your personal strong points and address the areas you need more help with. With so much information available and tips, tricks, and helpful hints, it’s hard to know the difference between what works for many people and what will work best for you!

With our comprehensive educational services, you’ll find comfort knowing your personal advocate is planning for your personal success. You’ll find that consistent improvement is easily attainable with our personalized test preparation instruction and by reviewing your diagnostic reports. By reviewing your diagnostics, you further your improvement by seeing individual areas you need more instruction with as well as seeing the big picture.

Your private instructor will strive to ensure you are not only retaining information but mastering it as well. Too many students fall prey to methods that only push memorization. While memorization may help in some areas, mastery and retention of core subjects sets you up on a path for success as you gain confidence and refine critical thinking skills in areas that have been mastered.

Long term retention is often overlooked within many test preparation courses which can be a costly mistake that is easily remedied by focusing on retention from the beginning of instruction and throughout test preparation. Material that is learned should always be consistently reviewed over time to ensure that mastery and retention do not slip through the cracks when it comes time to use these skills on the real exams.

If you’re ready to get on your path towards successful ACT and SAT prep with higher scores and measurable outcomes, get in touch with your tutor today at PVP!

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