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“Assembly Bill 19 establishes the initial stage of a “free college” program here, waiving the first year of fees for any first-time student who enrolls full-time at one of California’s 114 community colleges. That promise, however, depends on the state setting aside enough money in its 2018-19 budget to cover the fee waivers.”

While Assembly bill 19 should be enthusiastically appliqued as an attempt to combat exorbitant tuition costs it does not address the transfer gap and aspiration gap as mentioned in previous blogs. This bill establishes education as a right not a privilege. However, many many classes are impacted. This is even the case in the UC or CSU system. Basically, under the current system, a student cannot afford community college tuition working a full time job minimum wage job. This bill helps to open doors and minds to bigger possibilities. The turkey is not yet in the oven.

Even for students electing to go the community college route many transfer students are still required to take college admission tests like the SAT and ACT. Proficient performance on these exams can wave through students from remedial classes. The more cosmic approach is that the ACT and SAT get students more choices. More selections. It is prudent to prepare for these tests. Even Carl Sagan at an Ivy League school could find bright and capable undergraduates of his who did not know that the Sun is a star or that the starts rise and set each night. The right fit college or university or program or degree or professor remains a product of hard work and dedication. We are going to need leaders and thinkers to solve our Earths problems. Great leaders start with good educations. See what a little guidance can bring to you.

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