PVP Test Prep has been providing test preparation and curriculum tutoring services for over 12 years now. Our primary objective is to assist students in overcoming some of the common challenges associated with ACT and SAT test preparation. Our team of dedicated tutors and counsellors work round the clock to deliver quality tutoring services meant to prepare students in curriculum development and professional growth.

A common area that most students experience difficulties in is math and sciences. It is not by coincidence that most students enroll in our science and math tutoring programs. In most cases, students who seek services from PVP Test Prep express their desire to have a better grasp of math and sciences which are considered some of the most challenging areas in academic curriculum. Most clients seeking tutoring services are often torn between test preparation and curriculum tutoring. To make things easier, PVP Test Prep offers both curriculum tutoring and test preparation.

The teaching style of a tutor can greatly affect how well a student understands a particular area of learning. More importantly, technical subjects such as math require using both traditional methods and modern tools in learning. For example, a tutor can use a pen and paper to solve problems and demonstrate to the student how to use the same in solving online exams. Another important aspect to consider is that different students adapt well to different learning techniques. For in house tutoring, the tutor must identify what strategy works best for a specific student.

Math and science courses have one thing in common; they both require great analytical and practical skills. Unlike the less technical theoretical courses, the application of arithmetical procedures is a common challenge for students. We have experienced tutors in the fields of Math, Science, Statistics, Research methods and Accounting ready to assist students prepare for SAT and ACT.

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