How to Prepare for a College Admission Test

Before you can be accepted to college, some institutions may require that you have an interview with the admissions officer. As you talk to the college representative, you’ll have the opportunity to explain why they should choose you.

Most interviews will not be a make or break situation. However, the information collected by the admission officer will be added to your test scores and essays. Just like with any interview you need to be prepared. Here are some important tips to guide you:

Be Prepared

Take time to thoroughly prepare for the interview. Find out if you can visit the school and determine when it is most convenient for you. Try and avoid having more than one appointment in a day.

If possible, tour the campus. Do a lot of research online on the college and understand their values. You need to be sure that the college offers what you are looking for. Finding details about the college will make it easy to explain why you want to enroll in that particular school.

You don’t have to be very formal or be in a suit. But avoid jeans and casual clothes. Dress neatly as you would when going for a job interview.

Be Natural

The interview gives you a chance to showcase your unique personality and skills. You will need to be presentable and demonstrate that you are prepared. However, avoid scripted answers. Not only do scripted answers sound robotic, but they may get in the ways as you try to express your opinions and answer random questions.

Ask Questions

In most interviews you will be given the opportunity to ask questions. If you have researched the college thoroughly, you must have questions for the admissions officer. The questions you ask will also be evaluated by the admission board. Take time to prepare your questions and always have a resume in hand should it be required.

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