Although a test taking student will not need a three foot lateral burst of speed like a tennis player, there remain significant comparisons to tackling the ACT and sports. A student athlete and a prospective collegian taking the ACT or SAT should prepare for the big test day the same way: Steady, hard work up to the date of the test; utilizing industriousness and conditioning; and building confidence towards competitive greatness. As the clock runs down, one difference exists – there is not a huge cheering crowd anxiously awaiting the buzzer…at least not normally.

The results come weeks and, on some fret-filled occasions, months after. Students who take the exam back-to-back must continue training as if for the finals before the scores of the first round come back. Just as in sports, the big day is not the best time to get cold feet. Thus, consistent training and coaching is required for improvement. The foundation is hard work.

I may not know the precise odds, but the perfect 36 on the ACT may be as elusive as the Hole-In-One. And here is the kicker: On the ACT, students will sometimes need to get 215 multiple choice questions correct, and other times, 214/215 is sufficient for the perfect 36. This is because of normalizing. Just as a golfer’s handicap is a value in relation to par, so too is a student’s raw score and scaled score: The score colleges see based off the regional and national normalization occurring behind the scenes.

A golfer’s score is not created from right or wrong answers, but a collective measure. The winner is the best of the best. With the ACT, you are not your score, but you can set goals working towards becoming the best you are capable of becoming. Come in for some coaching and practice…we’ll work around your schedule to get you the scores you desire.

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