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There is nothing more exciting and anxious than preparing for college. Whether you are taking the ACT’s, SAT’s, or PSAT’s, the professionals at PVP Test Preparation and Tutoring will be there to help you get ready. They offer many options to help you find a method of learning that works for you. Let’s explore what they have to offer.

Types of Studies

There are many categories of preparatory classes to choose from.

Private Test Preparation is perhaps the most common. With this approach you get a one-on-one lesson with a professor. This method is proven to increase scores on both the ACT’s and SAT’s. There is on-going homework and review every week with private prep.

Targeted Flex Workshop is quite a versatile option. It allows you to focus on your weaknesses and target them for your course. It is not time consuming at all with only 1.5 hours on Sundays. The tutor will guide you through a comprehensive study of the particular subject or subjects that you are having difficulty with and can help you achieve the score you want.

Online Test Prep & Tutoring is another fantastic choice for those who need super flexibility. You will need a webcam, microphone, computer, and internet service. This method allows you to take your course studies with you wherever you may go.

Final Exam

At the end of each course, you will have a practice exam to measure how much you have learned throughout your course. The professionals at PVP Test Preparation and Tutoring are willing and able to help you reach those goals for a brighter college career. Increasing your scores will (hopefully) qualify you for scholarships, grants, and other student aid opportunities. Take the class of your choice and you will be sure to succeed with help from the PVP Test Preparation and Tutoring.

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