What if I told you the reading section of the ACT is the hardest to tutor, train, and study for? What if I told you The Old Man and the Sea is not about fishing? Perhaps you would respond that these devices of rhetoric are merely a banal platitude. It begs the larger quandary of how we construct meaning from our reading experiences. PVP Test Prep is an organization of professional educators spawned from numerous direct family members with a background in teaching. I will posit to you to ask any teacher what the hardest part of reading is – I don’t gamble, but I bet retention and comprehension rank highly.

To live is to die. And, as they say, “a reader will live a thousand lives.” Although cliché, the skeleton of it expresses a fundamental truth – the experience of the written word encompasses different things to two different readers…it just depends on our individual take on things. The ACT will ask you to answer 40 questions in 35 minutes. There is no slogging through these passages. Time is a finite resource.

Just as time is finite on the exam, so is the overall time in a day. Sports, AP exams, homework, chores, social life, and clubs all compete for a student’s attention. While one may be able to quickly recall the date of the crossing of the Delaware, other ACT Reading questions require certain skill sets. These skill sets can be taught.

This is where force multiplication comes in. Take trained professional educators with years of education, training, and teaching experience, couple that with an intrinsically motivated student, and the results are infinite. We spent the time to analyze, categorize, and actualize to get the best results in the shortest time. The ACT is not crammable; the ACT reading passages are proof thereof. Let us show you how you can make the most of your study time.

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