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Private Test Preparation

Private ACT & SAT test preparation is available to fit your busy schedule.  Certified tutors provide individualized instruction on every section or test of the ACT and SAT.  This tailor-made approach distinguishes PVP Test Prep from the “one-size-fits all approach” that other test preparation classes take.  This approach in your Test preparation is perfect for students trying to reach perfect 36’s and 800’s, students looking to make leaps and bounds in their scores, as well as student who work well on a one-on-one basis.

The Private Test Preparation plan surpasses the status quo and offers a distinct competitive advantage.  As demonstrated by our diagnostic reports, provided in addition to the test preparation instruction, our students consistently improve their performance on benchmark tests.  These diagnostic tests and reports not only provide insight to the big picture, but information at the micro level of as well.

With private test preparation, homework is issued and reviewed by instructors weekly and ranges from practice tests to lessons on key components, based upon the needs of the student.  We make sure that no scores fall through the cracks.  Our Director personally checks every test to assure point gains while the tutors are focusing on the specific content materials and strategies.


PVP Test Prep’s ACT & SAT Semi-Private Tutoring

Our Semi-Private ACT course takes the advantages of classroom learning and infuses it with an individualized approach. Before students enroll in these courses they take a diagnostic test to diagnose their level. Students that fall with the range are available to join.

The group meets for ten sessions. Eight of the ten sessions consist of 3 hours of lecture and classroom learning, concluding with an hour of testing. The other two sessions are full length diagnostic tests. The classes are small in size (six-max) so we are able to customize the curriculum to strategies and subject materials that the students do not know. If the students already understand the basic strategies we move onto the more difficult strategies, etc.

Targeted Flex Workshop

Do not have the time for a 40 hour course and homework but need to get practice in before the ACT exam? Looking for a cost effective solution? Our TFW schedule allows the flexibility to get the practice in as well as work on areas that you need to work on.

We have a rolling open schedule for students.  You can prepare from anywhere between 1 to all 6 ACT Test Dates.  If you cannot make every session, do not worry, each session throughout the year covers a new ACT Test and analysis.  Sessions are divided by subjects and are offered every Sunday for 1.5 hours.  Only want to work on the English and Reading Tests? You can do that too. Our targeting tutors will work with and answer any questions that you have while you practice for the ACT.  We conclude every month with a full-length ACT Diagnostic Test.  The report will tell you your scores as well as what you need to score in order to reach your score goals.

Online Test preparation & Tutoring

Test preparation and tutoring for the next generation!  All students need is a webcam, microphone, computer with reliable internet access and you can get your test preparation and tutoring from the comfort of your home.  Students have access to our virtual classroom where they can upload, download, and collaborate in real time.


Diagnositc Tests and Reports

Curious about what your scores are?  Our diagnostic tests analyze the student provided responses on our real conditions exams, and develop an in-depth report of the student’s performance on the exam. The report includes detail on what subject matter the student excelled at and what areas need the most attention. Both the macro and micro level analysis allow the tutor and student to zero in on the areas of the greatest potential. The diagnostic tests also allow us to track the student’s progress over time and clearly see where improvements have been made.

ISEE & SSAT Test Preparation

Private school admission has become more competitive than ever. Along with good grades, essays, interviews and recommendations, success on the SSAT and ISEE can go a long way toward making your child’s case for admission. In order to succeed on these standardized tests, you’ll need better than a standardized approach.

PVP Test Prep has developed some of the most inventive strategies in the test preparation industry to help students achieve a high degree of success on standardized tests. On the ISEE and SSAT, students are taught strategies to tackle difficult math, reading and vocabulary questions. They are taught why it is always better to guess than to omit, when and how to use approximation to solve math problems, how to determine the general nature of a word based on various factors and which reading answers are most likely to be correct. This and so much more will be at your child’s fingertips when taking the ISEE or SSAT.

AP & SAT Subject Test Prep

Our AP Tutors are not your everyday tutors.  They have successfully helped their students achieve 5’s on the AP exam of their field of study.  The AP instructors teach only the subjects that they are confident in achieving level 5’s on the exams.  Because of their high demand, their availability is limited.  Schedule early in order to assure your time slots, especially for AP Calc AB/BC, AP Physics, AP Biology, and AP Chemistry.

We have tutors who teach the following subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Calculus, Biology, English, Literature, World History, U.S. History, Government, and Economics.

Subject Tutoring

If you are looking to catch up or get ahead in your classes we can help.  We have tutors that can tutor in the following classes: Arithmetic, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, World History, US History, Social Studies, Government, Economics, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and all other major K-12 subjects.

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