Boston College (BC) increased its early action applications acceptance by 5%. BC brings with it an average score of 33 on the ACT and 1425 on the SAT. Brown University admitted 22% of early applicants, and Dartmouth College let in 28%. Experts predict the Northwestern admittance rate will drop to less than 10% this year.

If only it were as simple as “yes or no.” Some programs define a university. Case Western Reserve University’s Larry Sears and Sally Zlotnich-Sears think of them as an innovation hub and “makerspace” that brings new ideas, products, and efforts to the marketplace. However, if you do get into a college, go there, and dislike it, you are not permanently stuck. The University of Pennsylvania offers instant transfer decisions for those seeking to complete a bachelor’s degree.

But there is a cost. Parents and grandparents have cosigned and taken out loans for students. Those over the age of 60 now hold $66.7 Billion dollars of the $1.4 trillion in outstanding student loan debt. Unfortunately, 40% of those over 65 are in default. To view reports on your potential school choice and its corresponding debt and default rate, visit Test scores and increased grades can yield fruitful rewards in terms of merit based scholarships. To learn more, give PVP Test Prep a call today 310.544.6000

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