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Last year about this time, my daughter, then a junior, had studied for several weeks with one of the big test prep companies, but she was making no progress.  We called PVP Test Prep and talked to Jim, who invited us to come right in.  In a single hour-long interview, my daughter learned more from Jim about test taking than she had from previous tutors.  Chris, her PVP  tutor, quickly evaluated Rachel’s strengths and weaknesses, taught her only the subject matter she did not already know, and helped her master test-taking strategies.  She attended two sessions a week, did the assigned homework, and at the end of summer, took the ACT.  She scored a 30, a 6-point improvement over her initial scores on sample tests.  My daughter has just committed to UC Santa Cruz, the school she was hoping for.  We couldn’t be more pleased with PVP Test Prep.

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