The Advantages of Using a Test Prep and Tutoring Service Success in any endeavor depends on the level of preparation one has put in; this is true for everything, especially when preparing for exams. Nobody wants to go into an exam room knowing they could have done more. When preparing for a test, nothing beats the rigor and effectiveness of test prep and tutoring services. Test-taking Tips Success in a test, especially high profile...

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Writer’s Workshop and Education

Posted By on Apr 17, 2017

Writers find inspiration in numerous places. We will be introducing a Writer’s Workshop in the near future.  The late David Foster Wallace was a professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as well as Claremont McKenna College.  His posthumous novel, The Pale King, was a finalist for the Nobel Prize in Literature.  Here is his stance on education There is a paradox in the US that people who get powerful jobs tend to go...

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The ACT is a test that every student must take to be able to move on to a college career. Students must make a good score to be eligible to attend the school they desire to attend as a college student. Many students take the ACT several times in order to raise their score so that they can earn more scholarship opportunities as well as gain admission into a particular college. Tutoring services can assist students in being better able...

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As the summer months approach, plenty of students are beginning to feel the familiar fatigue that sets in after a long school year comes to a close. But in order to keep grade point averages up and momentum running strong into summer, adequately prepping for final exams is a must. Here are five tips and tricks to ensure that students make the most of final exams—without succumbing to stress, study fatigue, or the distraction of the...

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