Test taking is different for everyone. Some people can work through a standardized test with simplicity and ease without the need for a plan or a strategy. There are others who have found that preparing for a standardized test with preparation, studying, and training helps them to be more successful than if they were to go through the test-taking process alone. PVP Test Preparation has given those who would like to practice for the...

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The New “New”

Posted By on Jun 25, 2018

Every year we track admission scores, acceptance rates, and testing requirements of many schools. The data is used to provide a ball park figure. In our nearly decade of existence PVP Test Prep and Tutoring has tracked these scores and noticed a year-to-year trend of higher and higher scores. Some big name schools are becoming the 99 percentile in testing: Notre Dame 33-36 ACT; 1500-1600 SAT Wesleyan 34 ACT; English/Writing 740; Math...

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Client Testimonial

Posted By on May 9, 2018

Last year about this time, my daughter, then a junior, had studied for several weeks with one of the big test prep companies, but she was making no progress.  We called PVP Test Prep and talked to Jim, who invited us to come right in.  In a single hour-long interview, my daughter learned more from Jim about test taking than she had from previous tutors.  Chris, her PVP  tutor, quickly evaluated Rachel’s strengths and weaknesses,...

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Smashed Records

Posted By on Apr 23, 2018

In the time it took this years graduating class to go from freshperson to senior, UCLA’s application figures rose in excess of 25%. Some can attribute this to the common app as UC berkley tops 89,000 this year. Some may think it due to a social-economic trend away from trade schools and lifelong employment commitments of a generation or two ago. More people are attending universities. More jobs require both educational and work...

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College tuition “Assembly Bill 19 establishes the initial stage of a “free college” program here, waiving the first year of fees for any first-time student who enrolls full-time at one of California’s 114 community colleges. That promise, however, depends on the state setting aside enough money in its 2018-19 budget to cover the fee waivers.” While Assembly bill 19 should be enthusiastically appliqued as an attempt to combat...

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A Secret to Getting Good Grades and Acing Your Test Scores Let’s all face it. When it comes to exams and getting good grades, it can be like targeting an apple on someone’s head. Without the right skills and getting the right instructions, you will not be able to target the apple or worse be careless enough to shoot someone right in the head. When you want to improve your child’s grades or want them to ace their entrance exams, it is...

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