There are 10 UC Universities. There are 23 California State Universities. The CSU system serves 460,200 students under the wing of 24,405 faculty- the largest system in the nation. Between these 33 universities the needs of California’s students should be met…but, is it?

Governor Jerry Brown, according to the Daily Breeze, reports an “increase[in] the probability that Cal State Universities trustees will raise tuition within the coming months” despite Brown advocating a proposed increase in the CSU system of $157 million. The UC is not off the cutting board as some desire “a proposal to phase out California’s Middle Class Scholarship.”

Brown wants$39.5 billion spent on higher education- an increase of $244 million. However, as is, 57% of “Californian’s say affordability ‘a big problem.’” This Public Policy Institute of California report highlights that this statistic facilitates the belief that “the price of a college education keeps students who are qualified and motivated from going to college.”

This can be arguably linked to both The Transfer Gap and the Aspiration Gap… a new monster which I will term- the Funding Gap. Which two-thirds of California’s believe that state funding for Higher Education in California is “inadequate.” On the UN building the poem “Bani Children” is inscribed. From which, a lyric president Obama quoted… that “when the conditions of the time hurts one of these limbs, other parts will be disturbed.” Education is a foundation skill. Investments in not just our knowledge but GPA and Test scores can make a impact in the school selection and it’s financing. GPA and test scores impact not just the admissions process but the financial aspects of education.

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