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The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that not only are those with a 4-year degrees more employable, they out earn those with only a high school diploma by about $20,000/yr. Those four additional years of schooling translate into a major opportunity in terms of income and employment options.  However, four year colleges have become increasing expensive and students and their families are therefore seeking ways to effectively manage higher education finances.  Community college offers an affordable alternative to entering a 4-year college after graduating from high school. While community college can provide a low-cost means of earning core credits, a dismally low, 60%, of students who complete their 60-credit curriculum actually transfer to a four-year university, and only 39% do so within 6 years. This has been dubbed within the educational community, the Transfer Gap.

One way to avoid the Transfer Gap but still take advantage of the cost-benefits of community college is to take community college classes as a high school student. Many community colleges allow high school students to take classes at a lower per-credit fee than offered to high school graduates. Furthermore, most state universities, and many private colleges and universities allow community college credits to easily transfer to a four-year degree, thus reducing college costs. In addition to providing an academic advantage, community college can also give students a taste of the college experience

According to Crisp and Nunez solving the Transfer Gap requires encouraging “high educational expectations and intensive academic advising,” two things we here at PVP Test Prep and Tutoring firmly believe in. Our PV Test Prep professionals all have advanced degrees in their various fields, and our tutors have instructed many high school and college students in courses like organic chemistry, biology, business, English, and math.  Academic preparation can raise socio-economic status, and a professional college counselor can provide the roadmap to success.

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