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“Benny’s Rules” and the Perilous Dangers of Self-Study

Why does it take some students 1 hour to accomplish what other students take 5 minutes to do?  The old Cliché of time is of the essence is no longer the same truth.  Estimates place a student’s time spent in classroom instruction at school at over 4,320 hours in their high school career.  Between homework, volunteering, sports, studying, and clubs the tally climbs even astronomically higher.  To further compound the issue, these obligations coincide in the busy season for students and at times greatly conflict with academic performance.

Who is Benny ? Benny was a student in the late 1960’s who immersed himself into the Individually Prescribed Instruction (IPI) mathematics from grades two through six.  He excelled where other students failed and struggle- at least in terms of grade.  When comprehension was checked it became evident a major problem existed and an astonishing case study appeared.  Benny essentially created his own rules and methods to pass the system without an understanding of the correct methods to solve basic mathematical problems.

For example, Benny would write 2/10 as 1.2 and 5/10 as 1.5.  Yet, he managed to pass 4 grades using his illogical but complex and ill-thought-out formulas.  He did not randomly guess.  He had a method for each type of mathematical problems from decimals to fractions to multiplication.  Benny could explain each and every step as to how he came upon his conclusion and answer.

Now, this is drastic case.  The point being that even a simple comprehension check could have identified the issue and prevented 4 lost years of wrongful study on Benny’s part.  By the time that comprehension check did arrive, it was quite late in the game.  Although Benny did realize that his answers did not coincide with the answer he nevertheless continued not knowing there was a better and more accurate way to perceive things.

The point is that sometimes a quick and simple explanation can go very far for a floundering student.  PVP Test Prep’s Tutors can quickly identify areas of struggle.  Another key advantage to using PVP Test Prep is that with no contracts required a half hour can explain multiplying fractions and not have dozens of unneeded hours that some tutoring centers stipulate in their contracts.  Our tutors are here to instill confidence and improve efficiency. By doing so, your student’s abilities will improve and there will be a reduction in frustration to avoid late night homework sessions.

Hours V GPA


PBS Reports that the average student studies 11 hours for the SAT and 8.3% of students prepare for over 60 hours.  But, as Benny’s case points out, it is not the amount of studying put forth that matters so much as the improvement.  Come see why for six years Palos Verdes Peninsula Test Prep is the leader in score improvement and high scores.  No contracts required- if a student is going to spend 4,000 hours in school see what a difference some guided learning can do.  Please call to schedule a comprehensive diagnostic test for the ACT or SAT.

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