Reading comprehension, critical thinking, and meta-cognition remain seemingly lofty goals(see 2016 National report) . One UK study promotes that even a modest course in philosophy can correlate to improved math and literacy skills. While cognitive based assessment tests can lead to insight into how to learn, there is much to be gleaned from cross field studies. Plato stated that knowledge is required for happiness.

The Stoics who predate Christ promote an expanding circle of ethical concern- a widening gyre. In modern times, and, within this circle of enlightenment a study found its most profound finding. The study found that “children from disadvantaged backgrounds saw even bigger leap[s] in performance” that could last for up to two years after the implementation of philosophy discourse. Perhaps Nietzsche’s Ubermach will study many fields to raise us from one level to the next.

Before the four cardinal virtues were implemented within the judeo-christian realm, those who practiced stoicism in the Hellenistic period inculcated the acceptance of 4 guiding principles. I will described each under a more modern setting to show how old ideas and harvest grand results.

Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, after observing the impact of moldy bread. It was in his control to give away the scientific breakthrough of antibiotics which would cure such fatal diseases like syphilis and many more. His view of outward-looking justice connected the whole world. He expanded his knowledge and that of all future generations. He did not charge 10 or 100 or 1000 dollars or pounds. He gave away this lifesaving cure and in doing so he demonstrated temperance. His self-control advances medicine by the right measure. His concern for the wellbeing of others can be described as integrity.

He evaluated his life. He ignored material gains and thought of our interconnected and interdependent world- a world he made for the better. Perhaps Nietzsche was right and society is less about the end and all about the highest example. Regardless of where you rank nationally we can make you the highest example of who you are and what you can achieve. Just for our loyal readers, this Saturday, January 11th, 2017 at 9am come in and take a free full length ACT or SAT test at our center.

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