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Rusty on the Krebs Cycle? Confused about the Second Law of Thermodynamics? Wondering what the heck is a Dangling Modifier? When exactly was the Boston Tea Party? Whats the big deal with Covalent bonds? Perhaps it is time to brush up in preparation for the upcoming AP tests.

Even some 5.0 students repeat classes. It is a strategy some of our students have undertaken. Despite a 5 on the AP exam and thus credit in college, some students whom have demonstrated proficiency in a particular subject take the class again in college. Why? To pad their GPA. In addition to this, some students can move from proficiency to mastery.

With the right tutor a force multiplier can take affect. We test, identify gaps of understanding and hone in on what is needed for a 5 on the AP exam. An ounce of tutoring is worth a pound of late night stress. Start early. Test often. Gain confidence and excel.

In the history of the Nobel Prize one man has won the exclusive award through solo efforts twice. Once for molecular bonding in chemisty and again in his efforts to reduce the threat of a nuclear holocaust and demobilization of nuclear weapon testing above ground. When he was asked why?… What motivated him, he responded, “I did it to deserve the respect of my wife.” Regardless if you are a first generation student aiming for college or trying to find your own way it is essential to find your motivation. Find your strengths. Find yourself with PVP Test Prep and Tutoring.

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