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Return By Major
The Economist has compiled data as to the return of graduates by major. STEM has been a major buzz word lately. It has long been known that Engineers yield high rates of returns. Life may not be about mathematically proving that using a refrigerator to cool a room will actually heat it. Learning to learn and how to think is what college is about. According to The Economist “Students concerned about their financial outlook should worry less about their school’s rank and spend more time brushing up on maths.” This is precisely why the ACT stands superior to the SAT. Its benchmarks may not be tied to getting into to college but getting out as well.
With a little guidance one can master the ACT Science section. The math on the SAT and ACT differ significantly. The ACT is broader covering more Geometry. The SAT No calculator section has proven a more tricky weight of substance. It may not suffice to say any longer that one test asks difficult questions in an easy manner while the other asks easy questions in difficult manner. The tests are coach-able. Come in today to see why a little studying for this test can years down the road help for standardized tests throughout life.

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