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You are not defined nor limited by your test score.  You are a whole person and colleges want to see this.  A proper balance of life and it will positively impact your impressions on college admissions officers.  While, wisdom and virtue may be the two wheels of the cart; your course load, your test scores, and your résumé will form the legs of the three sided stool.

Were you the youngest person to deliver a speech at the US Navel Academy?  Did you pitch a no-no? Think you will become a valedictorian?  Do you relentlessly strive to save and foster wounded animals through your volunteer work?  Are you the first person in your family to attend college? All these will culminate into a picture of you on your “brag sheet.”

Sad to say, but by the time sophomore year is over it is really hard to move your GPA significantly.  All things being considered, a school will value challenging course work and consistency in your grades.  For example, only 4% of students accepted to UCSB will have a GPA under 3.5.  AP classes will come into play.  And, it is crucial to finish strong and fight “senioritis” and avoid spring time slumps.

Considering the breadth of time, energy, and resources devoted to academics your test scores is something that a little work and dedication can go really far.  That is why Palos Verdes Peninsula Test Prep and Tutoring developed the most powerful and insightful diagnostic on the market.  We individualize a plan to your schedule, to your goals, and to your abilities.  Every student is different.  Come see why the hill is raving about PVP T&T.  June 4th to June 12th marks free diagnostic test period with it’s adjoining consultation free.  Call today to reserve a spot.

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