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John Wooden had a pyramid of success he used to train the greats like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to get to undefeated national championships.  Maslow defined the hierarchy of needs that transformed the world of psychology and how we understand the mind.  What do competitive greatness and self-actualization have in common? They inspire us to reach the fullest potential.  And, this pays big dividends because according to the Digest of Education Statistics a Bachelors degree increases the labor force participation from 61% to 85.8% over that of less than high school completion.

We here in the Palos Verdes Peninsula School district are fortunate to have some amazing teachers, parents, supporters, and ultimately students.  The hours your student will spend in the class room is a foundation for a lifetime of potential and a wealth of knowledge.  PVP Test prep is here to hone skills to get to that top partition of test takers.  We know just how busy and hectic your student’s portfolio can be in this challenging time of development.

According to the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), 30.5 percent of SAT takers practice sports.  52.6 percent are involved with extracurricular activities.  On average, the typical SAT student will take 1.9 AP courses.  The pressure mounts and the time drains.  That is why a private tutor at your most needed time specializing in how to maximize time spent and information absorbed can make a tremendous difference in a student’s life.

With Advanced Placement tests right around the corner, it is important to Think, Know, Act, and Go to greatness.  Come in today to discuss your AP test needs. Where the most points can be gleaned?  What are your best chances of that elusive 5?  Come in today to take a free diagnostic test and customized study plan to get you where you need to go and at your convenience.



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